Perry County Community
Railroad Tunnel & Station

The Path Valley Railroad was a proposed narrow gauge railroad in Perry and Franklin Counties. Intended as an extension of the Newport and Shermans Valley Railroad, it was to begin at that railroad's end in New Germantown and run southward along Shermans Creek and Big Spring Run. Around what is now Big Spring State Park, the line would climb steeply through a series of curves and pass through a tunnel under Conococheague Mountain to bring it into Burns Valley, and then onto Path Valley, ending at Fannettsburg. Incorporated in 1893, grading began almost immediately. When the grading reached Conococheague Mtn., construction began on both ends of the tunnel. However, the rock formations of the mountain were much more difficult to excavate than expected. The tunnel contractor went bankrupt the following September. Even though most of the remaining grading was completed, the tunnel's path proved impossible. So, the railroad was given up as a failure in 1895. Much of the grading is now preserved as hiking trails in Big Springs State Park and Tuscarora State Forest. As seen in the pictures, you can still see the northern entrance to the tunnel. However, it is fenced off.

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