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    Web Page Design Service

    We strive to give your business or organization the
    right exposure on the world wide web.

    • We work with you to determine your needs.
    • We design web sites for maximum eye appeal
      and meaningful content.
    • We post your site to all the major search
      engines so that you will be found.
    • Web hosting is very nominal or even free.
    • Our rates are most reasonable.
    We urge you to inquire about this service and to
    explore your opportunities in this market.

    Rates are Contract or Hourly

    All of wingee's web designs are custom, not templated.
    Check out a gallery of new web designs waiting for a
    customer: masonry contractor, gunsmith, realtor, rock band, insurance agent, motorcycle dealership and art gallery.
    And be sure to look over some of wingee's web sites
    currently on the web.

wingee on the web
RR 2 Mt Pleasant Mills, PA 17853
Ph/Fax 570-539-2260


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