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Your first 2 months are FREE, whatever term of service you choose. Your first bill will be for the 3rd month. This applies only to new signups and is offered exclusively through affiliates (wingee on the web is an affiliate) and not company direct.
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    Fill out the form below to sign up with PAdotNET. The Login ID and password should consist of alphanumeric lowercase characters (i.e. 'a' through 'z' and '0' through '9') and be 3 to 20 characters in length. Choice of Login ID is subject to availability. Signups are not in real time but processed when received, your new account is activated within 24 hrs. We notify you and send you setup instructions.

      Valid Examples:
    • schoolboy is valid
    • Schoolboy is valid, but actual login ID is schoolboy
    • sch88lb8y is valid
    • SCH88LB8Y is valid, but actual login ID is sch88lb8y
      Invalid Examples:
    • h@msterd@nce is invalid
    • str##twise is invalid
    • street wise is invalid
    Notice: It is the customer's responsibility to determine
    whether the number they are calling is toll free.
    Click here to view the local dialup numbers.
    Click here for local tech support numbers.

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